Onsite Lettering, Carving, Names, and Poems

We frequently visit all cemeteries in Jefferson, St. Louis, and St. Charles county. A craftsman from our team will assist you in honoring your loved one by visiting the memorial site. Next, we take a photo and do a professional rubbing to confidently match any font, size of lettering, and spacing. Even if the memorial was purchased from us or another company, the duplication will be exact. When we return to our shop, a stencil is created for the engraving. Finally, we schedule a visit and return to the cemetery for the actual engraving and paint if necessary.

Custom Etchings

Etching is a method used to transfer more detailed and exact duplication of images onto granite. The image can be a portrait of your loved one, a nature scene or anything that will personalize your memorial of distinction. The family gives input in the design and provides any photos for the etching. Our memorial designer then creates a scaled drawing for the family’s approval. Once the family gives their approval, our skilled memorial craftspeople then transfers the design onto the memorial by etching it onto the polished surface. We can even add color to the etching.

Duplicate, Custom, and Personalized Etchings

At Twin City Monuments we help families create memorials that are a depiction of loved ones’ lives who have passed. When a family orders a memorial, we assist
them in constructing a representation of those loved ones in a memorial design. In traditional carving, our skilled designer can recreate images in the form of a carving
from a photo or drawing provided by the family. Then, the family will receive a proof, or scaled drawing, of that memorial’s representation. The memorial is not inscribed or carved until the family approves the proof.



Memorial Repairs

We want to help families maintain their memorial tributes by repairing damaged headstones no matter how bad the damage. We can repair damage due to vandalism, age or improper installation, conserving your headstones for years to come. We handle your headstone with care, using specialized equipment to restore your headstone as close as possibly to its natural state.

Professional Memorial Cleaning

Over many years, headstones become dirty and develop hard to clean deposits of dirt, mold, fungus and lichens. We specialize in cleaning the headstone of your loved ones with correct industry standard procedures. We clean all types of stone including sandstone, marble and granite headstones, restoring the natural beauty of your headstone. Please note that we never use sandblasting, bleach or other harmful cleaning methods. We take pride in the restoration of a loved one’s memorial.



Foundation Assessment, Replacement, and Installation

A slanting or leaning headstone can create a very unsafe scenario in a cemetery. We will assess the situation, and if necessary, install a brand new foundation which will
significantly increase the safety of the cemetery and preventing future damage to the monument.

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