Our Foundations
Our foundations are wet poured concrete with sand, gravel and Portland cement, topped with a concrete pre-cast that we fully guarantee.

Why We Are Different From Other Monument Retailers
Twin City Monument takes great pride in custom designing your monument for your family. You can choose your monument from the thousands of computer designs already provided or create your own personalized design at our office or your home. Twin City Monuments wants your monument to be a personal reflection of your family and an everlasting tribute to your heritage.

Added Services
Twin City Monuments continues to stay on the cutting edge of the monument industry like no other. In order to provide you the best service, we add to our monuments the “little things” that most people never think of doing. We strive and take pride to create a monument that will last a lifetime.

All The Extras
Twin City Monuments provides to you, the special extras at no additional cost. We include extra long bases to afford space for any vases. All engraving and any dimensional floral carvings are incorporated in the price of your monument. In addition, each monument is made into a computerized drawing from our extensive graphics and design system and submitted to you for your approval. Twin City Monuments wants every monument to be unique, and personalized for your family.

Special Services
Twin City Monuments is fortunate to be able to offer you the latest technology in monument design. For a reasonable cost, you can create your monument with your own personalized designs. This diamond etching artwork is provided exclusively by our own on staff artist. Twin City Monuments can also reproduce a photograph to be part of the monument design. These photo engraved pictures and personal artwork can add a special and distinctive style to your monument, thus making your monument an original and distinguished representation of yourself.